Infrastructure as Code

What is SnowGlobe

SnowGlobe is a tool in the same area as Terraform, Cloudformation, docker-compose.

You may think of it as “docker-compose on steroids”, or alternately “terraform with added DSL goodness”!

SnowGlobe is pre-v1.0, so expect changes to be in progress. Assistance and pull requests are always welcome.

What it does

These tools aim to allow you to ‘describe’ how infrastructure is to be deployed, and allow incremental changes to be made. Instead of writing scripts that perform steps, your configuration defines what you want the outcome to look like, and the tooling figures out the necessary steps needed to make it work.

It is very similar to (and deeply inspired by) Terraform - but with some differences

Getting Stareted

Docker Image

Running the docker image:

docker run -dtiP -v /Users/store/.snowglobe:/var/snowglobe -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock nirima/snowglobe

Further Documentation:

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